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The frontier of Augmented Reality

ARails is an augmented reality game to build tracks and simulate vehicle motion within the current physical environment.

This was a project for the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality capstone course at the University of Washington.


A mixed reality experience


Build with your hands, just like the old days.


Collaboratively build tracks with your friends


The limit is your imagination, and you'll never run out of pieces.


10 intense weeks.

  • Weeks 1-2

    Proposal and Ramp up

    We will propose our project and learn Unity and gain familiarity with the capabilities of the Hololens.

  • Weeks 3-4

    Requirements and Rapid Prototyping

    We will solidify our requirements and prototype several interactions using low-poly resources to explore our input space and refine the experience.

  • Weeks 5-7


    After the experimentation phase, we will buckle down and work intensively towards creating a cohesive experience. We will give a progress report to the class during Week 7.

  • Weeks 8-9


    We will enhance the visual appeal of our application and incorporate feedback from peers. This is also an opportunity to squash bugs or add extra features.

  • Week 10


    We will ship our app to the app store and present our final product to the class.

Team VRGrads

The finest 5th year Masters students around town

Jenny Kang

Software Developer

Sonja Khan

Software Developer

Riley Porter

Software Developer

Nick Reiter

Software Developer

Demo Video

Demo Video

Changes for Final Demo

Our demo changes.

End in Sight

The final stretch